Rob Schneider: De Niro’s Fear Mongering Off Base

( – Actor Robert De Niro was spotted outside the Manhattan courthouse giving an impassioned attack on Donald Trump on May 28, implying that Trump winning the November general election would result in the loss of American freedoms and claiming that he would refuse to leave the office after his term. De Niro has been a consistent critic of Trump, along with much of the Hollywood establishment.

Comedian Rob Schneider is a rare exception, Schneider has publicly given statements supporting Trump and the GOP. In an appearance on a TV program, Schneider called De Niro’s statements “fear mongering” and suggested that the Democrats are only pretending to be concerned about the country. He added that if they really cared they’d prosecute former head of NIAID Anthony Fauci over his mishandling of the pandemic.

Fauci has been accused of illegally funding gain of function research in China which directly resulted in the pandemic. No criminal charges have yet to emerge from Merrick Garland’s DOJ, however.

Schneider also suggested that the Democrats would oppose endless wars overseas, or the nonstop printing of money if they actually cared about the best interests of Americans and the world. He also pointed out that every election cycle is considered the “most important election” or the “last election.” Schneider mocked De Niro’s suggestion that Trump would refuse to leave office by pointing out he left the last time.

Schneider highlighted how the American system of governance is unique and exceptionally effective at self-correction. He explained the three branches of government and called it a good system, crediting James Madison with its design. He added that even if the Democrats won, he had faith that they wouldn’t be able to destroy the country.

Schneider concluded by highlighting why he’s voting for Trump in November: he pointed out that illegal immigration is a major problem. He said that he was in favor of immigration, but it has to be legal. He also suggested that Democrat plans to pack the Supreme Court are exceptionally dangerous, calling it “a big problem.”

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