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How to Find a Reputable Charity to Donate To

( - Charitable giving is an honorable endeavor. Unfortunately, determining which organizations can be trusted to use your hard-earned cash responsibly isn’t always easy....

Make Sure You Are Ready to Vote In the Next Election

( - Voting is one of the most amazing rights we have as US citizens. It is one of the only ways to make...

Polls Are Saying Joe Biden Is the Favorite Now

( - President Joe Biden’s polling has improved somewhat according to recent polls tracked by RacetotheWH, a website that aggregates polls for the 2024...

Patriot Briefing news from Conservative Journal consists of short, easy-to-read headlines that you can take with you wherever you go. At home, at work, or commuting? We’ve got you covered.

Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene Are on a Collision Course

( - Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's criticism of Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has recently raised eyebrows, especially given her alignment with...

Brian Dorsey’s Final Words Before Being Executed

( - Convicted murderer Brian Dorsey was executed on the evening of April 9 in Missouri. Dorsey murdered his cousin, Sarah Bonnie, and her...

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