Pelosi Pushes Gun Control To Prioritize ‘Children’s Survival’ While Ignoring Abortion

( – Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sparked a new campaign on June 8 in the Democrats’ war against Second Amendment rights. Pelosi’s promotion of #WearOrange was meant to invoke compassion by highlighting children killed by “assault weapons.” The loaded term is hotly contested by firearms experts as meaningless agitprop; all weapons can be used to assault someone.

Pelosi’s promotion of “commonsense[sic] solutions” inadvertently used the phrase “our children’s survival” which immediately triggered commenters on X to point out Pelosi and her party are huge advocates of abortion. The campaign was organized by Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun lobbying group. They oppose things like Constitutional Carry, a growing trend among conservative states where they fully embrace the right to carry firearms, concealed or otherwise, on their person in public as the law of the land under the Second Amendment.

Everytown has also lobbied against reciprocity legislation for concealed carry permits between states, making it more likely that a legal gun owner could become a criminal simply by crossing a state line.

Pelosi’s hypocritical use of children’s safety is a stunning yet recurrent phenomenon. Democrats prioritize children’s safety when it comes to gun laws but if the child is yet to be born they don’t even think of it as human.

Pelosi is proud of her voting record where she’s consistently pushed for the expansion of abortion rights. She lambasted the 2022 Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade as a threat to the health of women, as well as an assault on their fundamental rights and bodily autonomy. No concern for the bodily autonomy of the infant, however. Noticing the hypocrisy is important.

Pelosi has been using the claim that Democrats will once-again enshrine abortion rights into national law if they win in November and take control of both houses.

Pelosi hasn’t responded well in the past when she’s been criticized over her supposed Catholic faith. In May 2022, her local diocese forbade her from receiving communion. The Pope allowed her to receive it when she went to Rome, however.

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