Ohio Passes Bill Banning Gender-Confused Students From Using Opposite Sex Bathrooms

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The Ohio House of Representatives has passed new legislation that would prohibit the use of opposite-sexed bathrooms by students at universities, public, and charter schools across the state. Trending in recent years, gender ideology has confused students and alarmed parents and resulted in incidents like the rape and/or assault of two girls in a Virginia school by a boy who had access to their bathrooms under the guise of being involved in gender-bending.

House Bill 183 passed on June 26 and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine (R). The bill impacts all K-12 students and universities in the state. It also prohibits the sharing of overnight sleeping areas by boys and girls.

Bill cosponsor State Rep. Beth Lear (R-Galena) told members of the press that there’s no reason to put boys and girls in the same locker rooms. The bill is similar to previously passed laws in other Republican-leaning states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and more.

Ohio lawmakers previously overrode DeWine’s veto on a bill that outlawed transgender surgeries and drugs for minors in January. Republican Sen. Kristina Roegner told the corporate press that gender wasn’t fluid nor a spectrum at the time.

Shortly thereafter a Franklin County judge delayed implementation of the law after the ACLU sued the state and got a temporary injunction. A similar lawsuit in Arkansas resulted in the law being struck down, the state is appealing that decision, however.

State Attorney General Dave Yost told the corporate press that their efforts are merely “the first page” of a longer story which he intends to “fight vigorously” to see implemented. He said the law protects children and expects the law to be upheld by the courts. Kids in Ohio currently being given experimental medicine may continue, if their doctor agrees that stopping the process would be harmful to the child.

The bill also banned opposite-sexed students from playing on sports teams of their choosing. Additionally any child who reports gender confusion must have his or her parents informed before any treatment for so-called “gender dysphoria” begins. That’s the technical name for discomfort associated with one’s gender.

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