Illegal Who Shot NYPD Officers Reveals Gun Smuggling Scheme in Migrant Shelters

( – An illegal alien from Venezuela has revealed to New York City authorities how he got a gun: the weapons are being smuggled into migrant shelters via food deliveries. Nineteen-year-old Bernardo Raul Castro-Mata told police his job was to engage in robberies as well as smuggle additional guns into the shelters for other gang members.

Castro-Mata additionally rationalized a shooting he was involved in where he opened fire on two NYPD officers in early June as something that is commonplace in his home country. He added that gang members open fire on police in Venezuela because they can often get away with it there, according to court records.

Castro-Mata is a member of the Venezuelan TDA gang, just one of dozens of criminal organizations illegal aliens in NYC are members of. It’s no surprise that grand larceny and robberies in the city have shot up an astounding 300%.

We don’t know the true extent of the problem nationally because the Biden administration changed the way crime reporting occurs, making the contribution of data from major cities optional. All the biggest cities, including NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago aren’t reporting their crime data to the FBI, making it much more difficult to get a bird’s eye view of the problem at the national level.

The incident involving Castro-Mata resulted in injuries to two NYPD officers as well as himself. All three men survived and Castro-Mata appeared in court, cuffed to a wheelchair, flanked by two officers. The incident occurred on June 3 after Castro-Mata was stopped by the officers simply for going the wrong way down a one-way street. He ditched the scooter he was on and ran from the police before opening fire, striking both officers and being hit himself.

Castro-Mata was hit in the ankle, while the officers alternatively took a bullet to the chest (thankfully he had a bulletproof vest on) and the other officer was hit in his leg. All three are expected to fully recover.

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