ICE Seeking Haitian Migrant Accused Of Raping 15-Year-Old Girl

( – The Plymouth County Superior Court in Massachusetts released a Haitian migrant who allegedly raped a 15-year-old minor on a mere $500 bond despite the ICE recommendation to hold the suspect instead of letting him roam the streets freely once again.

In May, the 26-year-old Cory Alvarez faced the charges of rape but found himself in a relieved when judge Susan Sullivan only asked him to post the $500 bond despite prosecutors concerns who wanted his bail to be set at least $10,000. Justice Sullivan did not find sufficient evidence to deem Alvarez dangerous to society. This comes at a time when the ICE issued Alvarez’s detainer and wanted to take his custody.

Reportedly, Alvarez sexually assaulted a 15-year-old minor at a migrant housing facility when she tried to get his help in using the tablet.

Now, ICE officials are unable to locate him anywhere, which presents a strong possibility that he may have fled the community.

Alvarez came to the United States under President Joe Biden’s Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela (CHNV) parole program, which provides humanitarian parole to immigrants from the four countries and allows them to live in the US.

This is not the first time that Massachusetts courts have released a sex offender on bail. Just recently, a state court released an illegal immigrant from Guatemala facing charges of raping a child on a low bond. He was later arrested by ICE. In April, law enforcement also arrested another illegal alien involved in showing his genitals in public places in the Cape Verde Islands.

The persisting chaos at the US Southern border is directly related to the increase in violent crime. Earlier this year, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela killed a University of Georgia student, Laken Riley, which brought the immigration issue to the forefront.

However, Biden’s White House is still pursuing progressive border policies, which is also shown in his latest plan to award residency status to more than 550,000 illegal immigrants.

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