How to Show Your Patriotism

How to Show Your Patriotism

( – Being an American is something to be proud of, and many of us want to show that pride. The most common way to do that is to display the flag – but there are other things you can do as well as, or instead of, flying Old Glory in your yard. Here are a few of the best ways to show your patriotism.

Know Our History

Build pride in our nation by knowing how it came to exist and helping others learn that story. There are many moments in American history when bravery, or a simple determination to do what was right, helped build the nation we live in today. It can be inspirational and uplifting to learn about those moments and share them with others.

It’s important to know about where we went wrong, too – but you should put those events in the context of their times, and understand how we learned from our mistakes and improved.

Support Our Veterans

It doesn’t cost anything to thank a soldier or veteran for their service, but it doesn’t really achieve anything either. Take more practical steps to support our military and veterans. Volunteer with veterans’ groups. Take some time to visit and talk to older veterans or troops who have just arrived back from operations; these are people who often feel stressed or isolated, and they’ll welcome the company. If you’re hiring, look at prioritizing veterans; if you run a business, think of ways you can reward service to our country.

Buy American

The US makes some of the best goods in the world, so by buying American every chance you get you won’t just be helping American workers; you’ll also be getting yourself a quality product. Choosing US-made goods is good for our businesses, good for the economy, and good for you, too. If you can’t get something American-made, look for products from our allies, like Britain or Israel.

Use Your Rights

One of the things that make America special is the list of rights protected by the Constitution. Rights are like muscles, though – you either use them or lose them. Vote in every election; express your views honestly and respectfully; bear arms when it’s appropriate to do so. The founders of our country believed these rights were important, so let’s honor them by using the freedoms they fought for.

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