Get to Work on Your Favorite Politician’s Campaign

( – Never underestimate the potential impact you can have on a political campaign. Every voice matters and every contribution helps. There are a number of ways you can get involved, should you decide to pursue them.

The most basic way one can get involved, especially if you don’t have a lot of time, is to donate to a candidate, political party, or political action committee (PAC). Your generous donations are desperately needed to help candidates fund their campaigns as well as keep policy agenda items afloat and in focus.

Donations are capped by law, so make sure you do your research about donating before you decide to give. They’re also tax write-offs, so be sure to get a receipt.

Don’t have money, but you do have some free time? You can either volunteer directly with a politician’s office or his campaign, or a PAC to promote policy proposals you want to see advanced. There’s practically a PAC for every issue or campaign, giving you plenty of options to choose where and how to get involved.

If you want to rally your friends and neighbors you can form your own PAC, but make sure you familiarize yourself with all the legal minutiae to avoid undue trouble down the road.

Don’t like the idea of being officially involved? That’s OK too! You can help by hopping on social media and making yourself heard. Follow your Representatives in Congress and local legislators. Find social media pages for your mayor, district attorney, local sheriff’s office or police chief. If your concerns are local, reach out and make yourself known to these officials.

You can act anonymously online or use your real name. You may want to avoid identifying yourself if you’re commenting on controversial issues or speaking unpopular political opinions as it can invite backlash from criminals.

There are many ways you can involve yourself in the political process regardless of how much or how little free time and financial resources you have available.

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