Fetterman Rear Ends Driver On Highway, He And His Wife Taken To Hospital

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Senator John Fetterman was recently hospitalized after being involved in a car accident in Maryland, according to his spokesman. The accident happened over the weekend on Interstate 70. Aside from Fetterman, his wife was also in the vehicle.

The spokesperson explained that Fetterman rear-ended another driver. He emphasized that while he and his wife are both shaken up by the accident, they are recovering and will be okay.

Maryland State Police provided additional details, saying that the crash happened in the early morning hours and that Fetterman was driving a Chevy Traverse when he rear-ended another car for unknown reasons. No citations were issued, and the investigation is still ongoing. All people involved were assessed at War Memorial Hospital in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, just across the border from where the accident happened in western Maryland. Luckily, nobody involved sustained any major injuries.

Fetterman has recently faced several health challenges. He suffered a stroke in May 2022 while serving as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor and running for Senate. Due to the stroke he had to get a pacemaker installed into his heart. In early 2023, he also spent over a month at Walter Reed Hospital, undergoing treatment for his clinical depression.

Fetterman has been outspoken in his support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas in recent months. This stance is not widely shared within the Democrat party. During a recent interview with Bill Maher, Fetterman mentioned that his near-fatal stroke has given him the courage to speak his mind freely. He explained that he is now less afraid of speaking in support of what he truly believes, in both his personal and political life.

Fetterman’s openness about his health struggles and his bold political positions continue to keep his name in the headlines as a unique player in US politics.

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