Entertainer Chelsea Handler Attacks NFL Star’s Faith In Social Media Rant

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Kansas City Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker has sure ticked off a lot of people with his May 11 commencement address at Benedictine College. Butker gave a defense of the traditional family and suggested women are happiest in the home, married, with children. He also condemned government, media, and church leaders over their handling of the pandemic, and criticized several cultural trends as degenerate and immoral, including Pride month.

Butker’s impassioned defense of traditional family values while speaking as a Catholic at a Catholic college to a Catholic audience inspired a lot of negative feedback from non-Catholics in the media and professional, albeit childless women.

Comedian Chelsea Handler is the latest in a string of professional women with an audience who have spoken out against Butker’s rhetoric. Handler gave a monologue on social media where she attacked Butker, opening with a dash of misandry letting her audience know that she prefers to avoid hearing men speak.

She then insulted Butker’s mental health, suggesting he thumped himself too hard with his Bible after calling him a “Bible thumper.” She also highlighted that Butker is a kicker while suggesting his legs are more important than his brain, attempting to discredit his words.

Handler took special offense at the suggestion Butker’s wife is extremely happy as a stay at home mom while raising her kids. Isabell Butker is a stay at home mom who homeschools their children. Butker highlighted that she has no regrets about skipping a career path and focusing on family.

Handler suggested Isabel was being held hostage and made a joke about her blinking twice if she needed help. She then highlighted that Butker’s mother was a physicist with a master’s degree and implied that she was solely responsible for providing for a younger Harrison Butker. Handler left out that Butker’s father is a financial analyst for a firm he helped establish, MDKeller. Clearly they weren’t dependent on a single-income.

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