Cruz Slams Blue States for Not Prosecuting Pro-Palestinian Protestors

( – Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas recently leveled some strong criticisms against President Biden and the Democratic Party. The interview highlighted Cruz’s ongoing concerns about the Democratic Party’s handling of issues related to pro-Palestinian protests and student safety on college campuses. He is accusing them of supporting pro-Palestinian protestors for political reasons, mainly just to get votes for the upcoming presidential elections.

During his feature on John Catsimatidis’ “The Cats Roundtable” radio show, Cruz centered his critique on the Biden administration’s foreign policy. He spoke about issues of immigration as well, but he mostly talked about the recent events and Democrats supporting Palestine. He emphasized how important Palestine is to the Democrats only during presidential elections, asserting that the party will support Hamas and Palestinians strongly only because that is what will get them the most votes from younger left-leaning voters.

Cruz extended his criticism to the criminal justice system and educational institutions, accusing them of being too lenient toward student protesters involved in the recent pro-Palestine protests on college campuses across the country. He claimed these students receive funding from people directly linked to Hamas and argued that the Justice Department is too politicized to investigate properly.

Cruz believes that any of the students who took part in the protests that targeted Jewish students should be arrested, prosecuted, and expelled from the school for antisemitism and hate speech.

His comments came shortly after the Manhattan district attorney’s office dropped charges against dozens of college students arrested for allegedly occupying part of Columbia University. Other news outlets reported that the charges were dismissed due to insufficient evidence and that the students did not have a criminal history.

Cruz’s remarks show how sensitive the subject of Palestine and Israel are to US politicians and especially how important these issues will be for the presidential elections.

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