Court Says No To Middle Schooler Wearing ‘Two Genders’ Shirt to School

( – A Federal court has recently ruled that a middle school in Massachusetts did not infringe on a student’s rights by forbidding him from wearing a controversial T-shirt. The T-shirt stated that there are only two genders.

Last year, Liam Morrison was forced to remove his shirt at school or leave the premises. The school argued that the design was demeaning to transgender and non-conforming students. They gave Morrison the option to remove the shirt or leave for the day, and he chose to leave.

Morrison, 12 years old at the time, wore the shirt in seventh grade to show that he disagrees with the school supporting the idea that gender is not the same as biology. His lawyers argued the school promoted these views to the students by organizing pride month events and showcasing LGBT posters.

This case is a part of a new trend by conservative groups across the country. They are suing schools for policies that they believe infringe on the rights of non-LGBTQ students. Most groups contend that it should go both ways, and someone should not be punished for saying there are only two genders.

Morrison’s attorneys from the conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, claimed that the school’s actions violated his First Amendment rights. However, Chief US Circuit Judge David Barron wrote that the shirt could be perceived to say that the only valid genders are female and male, which would be offensive to people who don’t identify as either or. Barron emphasized that school staff and teachers, not federal judges, should decide such matters.

The ruling supported a previous decision by a trial court judge. Morrison’s lawyers commented that they have plans to move the lawsuit further. They would even try to get the case into the US Supreme Court as they still believe that Morrison’s rights were infringed.

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