Cotton Signals Openness To Being Trump’s VP

( – Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has become one of the primary choices Trump might nominate as his running mate for Vice President, according to insider information from Trump’s campaign.

The insiders noted that other top contenders include Senators Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and JD Vance from Ohio. Trump has also considered these Republicans for other roles in his administration if he wins the election against President Biden in November. However, Trump’s preferences may still change as there is a large number of people who fit the bill for what he needs. His current list from the insiders shows that he most likely prefers a running mate who could best help navigate him and the campaign through all the legal issues Trump is facing.

According to the sources, Trump’s interest in Cotton is largely fueled by their shared cautious approach to legal matters. The former president sees Cotton as a reliable and effective communicator as well. Trump has also officially commended Cotton’s military service in Iraq and Afghanistan and appreciates that they both attended Ivy League schools.

A spokeswoman for Cotton declined to comment on the matter. Cotton himself has indicated that his discussions with Trump focus on winning a second term. In an interview with Fox News, Cotton has said that he has not yet gotten any formal indication from Trump about running as his Vice President.

Despite Cotton’s strong chance of grabbing the position, Trump is still very unpredictable. One insider noted that Trump has not shown a clear preference for any candidate. This means another contender might still secure the spot.

Trump does not appear to be in a rush to make this decision. He has recently indicated that he might reveal his final choice closer to the Republican National Convention, which will take place on July 15.

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