Chicago Mayor Spent More Than 30k On Makeup And Hair

( – Chicago Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson is under fire after a report revealed he spent over $30,000 on hair and makeup. The money came directly from his campaign coffers.

Johnson beat out incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot during the mayoral primary last year. A new report from the corporate press analyzed election records and found that Johnson’s campaign made 30 payments to Denise Milloy’s Makeup Majic in 2023 totaling over $30,000. One wonders how that much is spent on personal grooming in just a year.

Many of the payments were for makeup before a TV or public appearance in advance of the 2023 election. After winning the office, they filed the payments as “event expenses.” When asked for comment, Milloy said she was “not at liberty” to give further information, suggesting it was about his campaign.

Johnson’s campaign spokesman had previously bragged about how much of their campaign funds came from low and middle-income people and many union workers. Previous campaign adviser Bill Neidhardt claimed that the mayor doesn’t spend “tax dollars” for his personal appearance in advance of events. A very curious distinction.

He instead highlighted that the mayor used his own campaign funds and was specific to spend them with a black female-owned business giving her “fair wage.” He also pointed out that many public figures have their hair and makeup done before public appearances.

There was an additional $4,000 payment from Johnson’s campaign to Anthony Jones Salon on March 27. That payment was logged as an event expense. Curiously, the salon owner said he never worked for the campaign, received the funds, or knows why he was listed in the report. Upon inspection, Neidhardt said that the wrong salon was listed, it was actually made to AJ Styles Barber & Beauty Salon in Chicago’s West Side. He added that the work was again for “hair and makeup” and said that they used that salon for “multiple events.”

When juxtaposed to previous Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her expenditures for hair and makeup during the election, she only spent $2,000.

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