BMW Forced To Explain Themselves Over Pride Month Debacle

( – Car maker BMW is facing backlash online after social media users noticed the company only had a gay pride-themed logo on its western facing accounts; Middle East facing accounts did not have a pride logo. Its official corporate account responded to queries by users asking why they didn’t change all their company logos by highlighting that their marketing practices vary by country and region.

Libs of TikTok posted several screenshots that revealed several companies, including tech brands Cisco and Lenovo as well as video game manufacturer Bethesda Studios, changed their official corporate accounts to have pride-themed company logos for their profile pictures. The companies’ Middle East divisions or subsidiaries did not have similar logo changes.

The company was asked why they only changed their main account, and they responded with four posts explaining that they’re changing their primary account logo for the month of June, including all international logos. They added that marketing their products is handled at the regional or country level and local experts make the determination about what campaigns are appropriate. They also said that they take local laws and customs into account when marketing.

Many commenters were shocked BMW admitted the simple truth that their company exists to sell cars and not pander to a particular demographic. One commenter suggested that the move was meaningless pandering. Another claimed that they were supporting genital mutilation of minors in western countries while tolerating institutionalized homophobia in the Middle East.

Slowly people began to realize that corporations exist to sell products and services and they only advertise for social causes if they believe it will advance their bottom line.

YouTuber Noam Blum seemed surprised there was a public admission. Another commenter pointed out that the promotion was simply marketing and not a genuine move to support sexual minorities. Some suggested that putting the logo up in places where it was unpopular was the point of pride celebrations.

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