Biden Warns Israel After Lethal Rafah Strike

( – After a recent military strike in Rafah resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, the Biden administration urged Israel that the safety of civilians should be its number one priority. The bombing has also made some Democrats call for ceasing all aid to Israel.

A National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson stated that Israel has the right to attack Hamas targets and to retaliate for the attacks against Israeli citizens. However, they also emphasized that Israel should always avoid civilian targets as much as possible. According to the NSC spokesperson, the US government is actively engaging with the Israeli military and others on the ground to understand the incident better.

The bombing in Rafah mostly killed people who were residing in a refugee camp. It also destroyed a lot of humanitarian supplies meant for Palestinian civilians.

President Biden has lately been under growing pressure from Democrats to reduce or fully stop all support for Israel. The pressure has further increased after the airstrike on Rafah. Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the attack an atrocity and took to social media, urging Biden to stop all aid to Israel immediately.

Representative Ayanna Pressley shared similar sentiments. She stated that the images shared after the attack are horrifying and questioned how long the US would tolerate the Israeli military’s actions. Representative Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian-American in Congress, harshly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a maniac and accusing him of committing genocide against Palestine.

Netanyahu defended the strike, claiming it was not meant to harm civilians. He, however, acknowledged that it went wrong and that the actual targets were Hamas military and supplies.

According to a recent survey from Reuters, nearly half of Democrats do not support the Israel-Hamas conflict. Recent Protests on college campuses and broader demands for a permanent ceasefire have increased pressure on Biden’s re-election campaign.

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