Biden Trashed For Pride Month Posts

( – President Joe Biden is getting flak regarding a series of pandering gay pride-themed posts across all his various social media accounts. The preponderance of criticism may suggest that popular sentiments are shifting regarding pride celebrations around the country after tolerance for sexual minorities led to genital mutilation of minors under the guise of gender ideology.

Biden put out “A Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month, 2024” on May 31, officially recognizing the month for celebrating sexual minorities. The proclamation suggests that the month is set aside to celebrate “the extraordinary courage and contributions” of sexual minorities and continues, elaborating how Biden has helped to “protect” children who claim to be trans while Republicans have attempted to block transitions of minors.

Biden highlighted the “excruciating decision” to move to another state which some parents who are determined to medically modify their children are contemplating after GOP-led states banned the practice. Biden’s proclamation lambasted attempts to genuinely protect minors as targeting and threatening “transgender children” and their families while criminalizing professionals. Those professionals facilitate the chemical and physical mutilation of children.

Biden insisted folks have the right to make their own medical decisions, which is a position the left typically opposed during the pandemic, including Joe Biden himself. The proclamation also suggested parents have the right to raise their own kids the way they want, but seemingly ignored the fact that children are being exposed to radical gender and race ideologies in the public school system. Parents who complain were targeted by the FBI in some cases, to give an example of how inconsistent Biden is.

Biden’s proclamation ended by suggesting everyone deserves safety and dignity, “especially transgender children.”

Respondents were quick to mock the post. Writer James Esses highlighted how puberty blockers aren’t natural. Phil Kerpen simply wrote “stop mutilating children.” An account identified as “GayPatriot” shared a meme that suggested the euphemistically named “top surgery” and “phalloplasty” are forms of mutilation.

Biden also claimed trans kids were “made in the image of God,” which respondents highlighted was actually the opposite of the truth. No child is born transgender, that’s something parents and doctors do to the child after grooming him or her for the experience.

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