4 Things You Should Stock Up on Now

4 Things You Should Stock Up on Now

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Times are unpredictable, and the last few years proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s why every American should take precautions to stock up on necessities and everyday items to persevere in the event of turmoil. While many of us have food and hygiene items stashed away, here are some other items to add to your survival shopping list.

1. Cash

The potential demise of electronic and computer banking is a petrifying thought. But, we are all about being proactive moving forward, and it’s hard to beat having cold, hard cash on hand. It means you don’t have to rely on the bank in order to survive during a financial crisis or collapse. While the economy picks itself back up, you can rest assured you’ll get by.

For extra security, diversify where you store your cash. Put it in unsuspecting locales and not all in the same place. This could save you should your home get robbed.

2. Gold

Blocks of gold have always been one of the most versatile commodities to invest in and have access to. In fact, many experts say gold prices are expected to grow. In the event of a nationwide crisis, this rare metal can be a valuable asset should trading and bartering become the new norm. Having gold on hand could make it possible to obtain sustainable items such as food or ammo should money lose its value.

3. Seeds

Thinking ahead, if the nation is crippled by transportation blocks or the breakdown of logistics structures, food supply is a number one concern. Having the ability to plant your own seeds and grow food will be essential for survival. Start collecting and stockpiling corn, potatoes, and other vital seeds now to become more self-sustainable.

4. Medical Supplies

Medical supplies and essentials are important during a crisis. From medication to bandages, keep adding more to your stash to ensure you and your family are safe. These might be the most important items on your list should access to proper medical care become hampered.

No one wants to imagine a world without some of the necessities that we take for granted today. But, it’s better to be prepared than scattering around searching or begging for basic necessities. Adding these items to your stockpile is never a bad idea. It means you care enough about yourself and your family’s future to prepare.

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