3 Places To Look for Extra Prescription Assistance

3 Places To Look for Extra Prescription Assistance

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The US has one of the highest average costs per capita for prescription drugs. According to Peterson-KFF’s Health Tracker, Americans spent almost $1,200 on non-OTC medications in 2019. Residents of other comparable countries paid out less than half of that, proving just how unaffordable drugs really are here on home soil. These three sources help to bring down prescription costs with coupons, special programs, and more.

1. GoodRx

GoodRx is an app and website that grants Americans access to steeply discounted prices on drugs. With a searchable database of available savings, it’s ideal for anyone who takes medication not covered by Medicare. Prices are often lower than benefits copays, costing people less out of pocket.

To use a GoodRx coupon or program, just ask your pharmacist to run the medication as self-pay. Then, give them a relevant coupon from the app.

2. Walmart

Walmart’s Prescription RX program can also help you save on the cost of drugs. The pharmacy is available to anyone and offers reduced costs on approximately 100 different medications. The only caveat? The corporate giant only provides these discounts on generic versions, so if you have a specific need for a branded item, this may not be the right solution for you. The medications are also only available in typical doses.

3. America’s Pharmacy

America’s Pharmacy, a network of over 62,000 pharmaceutical providers, may also help shave off dollars from your RX bill. The service offers a card that can save people as much as 80% on medications on their own prescriptions, those written out for family, and even scripts for pets. Use the company’s website to find the drug you need or download coupons to save even more at the till. The only drawback is that AP doesn’t cover all brand-name drugs.

These options can help you save money on medications that can often be steeply expensive or even outright unaffordable. Every dollar saved is another dollar in your pocket, which makes good financial sense. Why not investigate which solutions are right for you?

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