Woman With Two Uteruses Has 1 In 50 Million Pregnancy

(ConservativeJournal.org) – A 32-year-old Alabama mother and wife named Kelsey Hatcher is about to be a mother for a fourth and fifth time. While there’s usually nothing too terribly unique about birthing twins, hers are statistically special. Hatcher “suffers” from a condition with no apparent negative side effects that affects only around 0.3% of the entire U.S. population.

The mother-to-be has two uteruses, or uteri, depending on who’s reporting. Hatcher’s odds of having a double womb are already astounding, but the fact that each uterus is growing a separate baby are absolutely astronomical. As they are, her twins are a 1 in 50 million chance.

Hatcher’s first three offspring were each born individually in two-year spreads. Her eldest, Raelynn, is six. Her siblings, River and Rhemy, are four and two. Once their mother comes to term, they will have fraternal twin sisters.

According to a number of outlets, Hatcher first learned of her “ailment” about a decade and a half ago during a routine visit to the doctor. The fitness coach’s current anomaly was discovered during another appointment when she paid a visit to her gynecologist for minor complications that are typical of many pregnancies.

An eight-week ultrasound unveiled the shock of her life. Hatcher asked the tech performing the scan if everything looked kosher, to which they replied that it did. After the tech’s acknowledgement in the affirmative, she reminded the medical professional that she had two uteruses and that it might be wise to check the other.

She did and the rest is history. The mother of three described her initial reaction as being “in utter shock.” After processing the news, Hatcher said she was left laughing. She called Caleb, her husband, and the couple spent several minutes laughing in unison.

Shweta Patel, Hatcher’s obstetrician, pointed out that the upcoming birth will be the result of two different sperm having fertilized two separate eggs in two distinctive instances.

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