Woman Sues Dentist After Many Procedures Were Done in One Visit

(ConservativeJournal.org) – A woman from Minnesota has started legal action against her dentist, Dr. Kevin Molldrem, saying that he subjected her to excessive dental work during a single session, resulting in disfigurement and emotional distress. Kathleen Wilson filed a civil lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court, detailing a daunting procedure that allegedly encompassed eight dental crowns, four root canals, and 20 fillings within a span of 5 and a half hours in July 2020.

Wilson’s experience after the dental work included enduring pain, embarrassment, and confronting the physical aftermath of the extensive dental work. An affidavit obtained by multiple news outlets reveals that she had to seek corrective treatments from other dental professionals to rectify the severe damage of Molldrem’s procedures. Adding to the gravity of the allegations, Wilson accuses Molldrem of administering excessive anesthesia and manipulating her medical records to evade accountability.

The lawsuit, which seeks damages upwards of $50,000, garnered support from Dr. Avrum Goldstein, a Florida-based dental expert. Goldstein concurred with Molldrem’s initial diagnosis of extensive tooth decay but sharply criticized the subsequent treatment. In a detailed report dated November 14, Goldstein emphasized the necessity for a cautious and phased approach to addressing Wilson’s dental issues. He denounced Molldrem’s purported endeavor to address all dental issues in a single session as not only impractical but also potentially detrimental to Wilson’s dental health in the long run.

Goldstein further alleged that Molldrem went over the recommended anesthesia dosage during the procedure. While guidelines suggest a maximum dosage of 490 milligrams for extended appointments, Molldrem apparently administered a staggering 960 milligrams to Wilson, raising concerns about the safety and ethics of his practices.

As Wilson continues to seek dental care, including treatments aimed at stabilizing her oral health from the University of Minnesota Dental School, the lawsuit underscores broader questions about professional accountability and the safety of patients regarding dental healthcare.

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