Will Hurd Drops Out Of Republican Primary

(ConservativeJournal.org) – On Monday, October 9, republican presidential candidate Will Hurd announced that he is withdrawing from the 2024 GOP primary. He declared his endorsement for former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley soon after, saying the US needs someone in office other than Trump or Biden.

Hurd, a former Texas congressman, conveyed his decision in a statement posted on Twitter. He stated that the time was right for him and his team to suspend their campaign. He indicated appreciation for all of the people who supported his run but said that in reality, people need to focus their strength on one person so that both Trump and Biden can be defeated.

Hurd said he believes the US deserves a leader who can unite American society, and help make good and informed decisions about challenges Americans face. Especially about American Security, and especially at the southern border. He further stated he believes Nikki Halley is the best candidate for that job.

Haley expressed gratitude for Hurd’s endorsement in a post on Twitter. She highlighted the critical juncture facing the United States and the imperative of coming together to make Joe Biden a one-term president. She thanked him on Twitter with the usual formalities and indicated that with his endorsement, her campaign only grows stronger. She emphasized that they have a “country to save”.

Hurd’s decision to exit the race was partly influenced by his inability to meet the criteria for participation in the first and second GOP debates. He has also been trailing behind his 2024 rivals in both national and local polls.

Hurd’s withdrawal underscores the perception, held by some Republicans and donors, that the presidential race is primarily between Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They are seen as the primary contenders to become the chief rival to former President Trump, who, even when completely missing debates, maintains a substantial lead in national and local polling over all competitors.

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