US Dismisses Putin’s Alaska Reports

( – Some reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin directing an investigation into the country’s former “real estate” outside of Russia. which includes former territories of the Russian Empire, like the US state of Alaska, and even the Soviet Union, were dismissed by the State Department. Putin’s recent decree, which will also be using Russian government funds for the research and registering of Russian property overseas, did not explicitly mention Alaska, but some higher ups in the Russian government have implied otherwise. Military bloggers speculated that Putin might be using the decree to challenge the legality of the 1867 Russian sale of Alaska to the US.

State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel, in a press briefing, humorously assured that Alaska is not returning to Russia. The Institute for the Study of War highlighted the unclear definition of Russia’s current or historical property, suggesting that Russia might use claims to property outside its borders to exert soft power and destabilize neighboring states. Last year, there were even leaks that Russia might be planning to fully annex Belarus into the Russian Federation.

In a 2014 Q&A session, Putin downplayed the significance of the sale of Alaska to the US, calling it “inexpensive” and urged Russians not to overreact. Meanwhile, Russian lawmaker Sergei Mironov hinted at Moscow reclaiming former territories, including Alaska. Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian President, responded to the State Department’s statement with humor, stating on social media that the US claimed Russia wouldn’t get Alaska back, ending the wait for its return, and sarcastically suggesting that war is now unavoidable.

These developments come within Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, raising concerns about potential geopolitical implications. Although a full-scale war between Russia and the US is highly unlikely, NATO will soon be holding one of the largest training exercises it has ever had in the last 40 years.

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