US-Canada Border Sees Record Migrant Crossings

( – The section of the US-Canadian border has had a record number of illegal crossings for a one-month period this past March. The authorities running the Swanton Sector crossings in Vermont said that they arrested 1,109 illegals attempting to sneak into the U.S. from Canada.

They added that the number of busts was a significant increase compared to the previous year. The same area had 756 busts for illegals crossing into the country in March 2023. There were just 61 arrests in 2022 for comparison. The amount of illegals busted in March 2024 also is higher than the total number of those arrested for the same activity in the entire 2022 year (1,065).

Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia with the Border Patrol Swanton Sector said that the arrests of illegal aliens in March 2024 showed citizens of over 40 countries trying to invade the U.S. He said the most prominent countries represented were India, Bangladesh, and Mexico with 408, 323, and 170 nationals from each country, respectively.

The border is set to be a key issue in the presidential contest in November. Former President Donald Trump and the Republicans who support him have focused attention onto the issue of border security. It’s been estimated that over ten million illegals have entered the country during Biden’s administration.

The March 2024 trend in the Swanton Sector of an increasing number of Indians coming into the US illegally over the northern border was documented all along the northern border. Government figures show that 30,010 Indian nationals were arrested trying to cross the northern border last year, compared to just 2,225 in 2021.

The trend of increasing illegals coming into the northern border is part of the overall trend of the Biden administration and its acolytes disregarding immigration laws they don’t like in favor of lawlessly admitting millions of noncitizens into the country under the pretense of them seeking asylum.

Conservatives have been quick to highlight the increase in criminal activity, including murder of Americans by criminals in the country illegally. Twenty-two year old Laken Riley was killed by an illegal alien who had a criminal record and who was arrested and let go in NYC for child endangerment. Had he been deported upon his arrest in New York, Riley would still be alive.

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