US Ally’s New Weapon Is Built To Combat China

( – India will soon be exporting the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile and related systems to the Philippines, according to Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chairman Dr Samir Kamat. The export process will begin in about two weeks, with the ground systems taking precedence. It is expected that the Philippines will receive the first shipment of BrahMos missile systems by the end of March, which is a big step for Indian military exports, especially as a stance against China.

This delivery is part of a big defense export contract valued at $376 million, representing the largest agreement of its kind that India has ever done with a foreign nation. Dr Kamat expressed confidence in the expanding role of defense exports, anticipating their increasing significance within India’s portfolio in the years ahead. India has done small military exports in the past, mostly lightweight torpedoes, and radar systems.

The deal with the Philippines, signed in January 2022, focuses mostly on delivering the anti-ship variant of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This underscores the demand in the pacific region for defense capabilities and solidifies India’s standing as a dependable partner in the international arms market.

As one of the most efficient missile systems in the region, the BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile system is a joint venture between Russia and India under the banner of BrahMos Aerospace. Acknowledged as a fast precision-guided weapon globally, BRAHMOS has substantially fortified India’s defense capabilities in the 21st century. The next-generation variant of the missile, characterized by smaller and lighter features, is optimized to work across a diverse range of military platforms.

This agreement not only reinforces diplomatic relations but also positions India as a pivotal player in the global defense industry. The successful export of defense technology signifies a notable achievement in India’s trajectory towards becoming an ally in the east Asia region against China.

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