U.S. Attacks Houthi Radar Sites After Ship Disappears

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The US recently struck radar sites run by Houthi rebels from Yemen. The incident happened after a merchant sailor ship disappeared in the Red Sea earlier this week.

According to Central Command (CENTCOM), the strikes destroyed seven radar installations in areas controlled by the rebels. These radars posed a threat to commercial shipping, as it helped Houthis target ships. They military did not provide details on how the strikes were carried out and did not immediately respond to inquiries.

This attack on the sites comes amidst the already high tensions in the Red Sea. Houthis have been constantly attacking ships in the area to try and stop the conflict in Gaza. Like other groups backed by Iran, they are protesting Israel’s military action against Hamas.

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for attacking multiple ships that were allegedly supplying Israel. However, the group has also struck ships completely unrelated to the Gaza conflict, leading to significant disruptions. Around half of all international cargo ships from the area have been re-routed through different corridors because of the current high chance of hostilities.

In a separate but related incident, the UX military destroyed two boats filled with bombs and an airborne drone launched by the Houthis in the Red Sea. CENTCOM reported that a commercial boat called the Tutor from a Greek-owned carrier has been missing since Wednesday, June 12, after the Houthis attacked the vessel with an explosive drone. The USS Philippine Sea saved the crew who had abandoned ship, but the Tutor was left in the Red Sea and is most likely still there.

Even though many attacks by the Houthis are being intercepted by the US, several commercial ships, including four ships owned by the US, have been hit since November. The US Navy is allegedly considering stationing more surface-to-air missiles in the area to fight against these threats.

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