Two Shot Dead by Illegal Alien At Chick-fil-A

( – Two people are dead after an illegal alien went postal inside a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Irving, Texas on June 26. Local cops identified Oved Bernardo Mendoza Argueta, 37, an illegal alien from El Salvador, as the suspect based on witness testimony.

Argueta allegedly entered the establishment around 3:40 p.m. and opened fire at workers behind the counter, striking two. Unfortunately both individuals died at the scene shortly after EMTs arrived.

Argueta fled shortly before police arrived who tracked him in his 4-door-1997 Honda and were able to arrest him. A mugshot showed the suspect with a blank stare. He’s currently detained at the Irving City jail while awaiting justice.

ICE representatives confirmed to members of the corporate press that they issued an immigration detainer on the suspect. Detainers like this are used to make sure illegal aliens accused of crimes will be transferred to ICE before being released.

Police believe that the attack wasn’t random as Argueta’s spouse worked at the restaurant and she witnessed the event. She confirmed to police that he was the shooter “with certainty.” They also confirmed to members of the press that Argueta entered the country illegally. He’ll face two counts of capital homicide which carries the possibility of the death penalty in Texas.

Local news showed a crowd gathered outside the Chick-fil-A with large screens placed in front of the windows to conceal the carnage inside.

Police told the press that the evidence they’ve accumulated thus far indicates Argueta’s actions were premeditated and malicious, which is why he was charged with two counts of murder in the first degree. His victims have been identified as Brayan Godoy, 31, a father of four, and Patricia Portillo, 49, a grandmother. Both worked at the establishment.

Argueta’s brutal attack is just one of hundreds of incidents involving illegal aliens engaged in violent criminal activity in the wake of the Biden administration’s disastrous open border policy. Upon taking office, President Joe Biden reversed numerous Trump-era practices which limited and discouraged illegal immigration over the southern border.

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