Tucker Carlson Blasts House Republicans for ‘Rewarding’ FBI

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Tucker Carlson criticized Republicans in a recent interview with attorney Tristan Leavitt over the funding of the construction of a new FBI headquarters. Carlson explained that in his opinion, the GOP is directly funding an agency that is the opposite of what the Republicans claim to stand for. He also believes that this decision will create a new police state down the line.

Seventy House Republicans joined Democrats in November 2023 to vote in favor of funding the FBI’s new headquarters in Maryland. The decision being bipartisan only raised more questions from journalists. According to Carlson, the GOP allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to the FBI for their new headquarters. In the recent interview, Carlson expressed confusion over the Republicans’ choice, given their Republican Speaker and their majority in the House.

Carlson argued the point that simply supporting a Republican can be enough by the FBI’s standards to be put on a list. He questioned why Republicans in Congress, despite this clear bias against anybody right of center on the political spectrum, still chose to fund the FBI. He went on to explain that the GOP is essentially “rewarding” the FBI even though they are the agency’s biggest target.

On May 31, FBI whistleblower Marcus Allen had his security clearance reinstated after Tristan Leavitt issued legal threats against the FBI, which Carlson used as an example of the FBI’s anti-GOP tendencies. Allen’s clearance had been suspended in 2022 after he questioned the testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray about the presence of law enforcement at the January 6 riots at the US Capitol, leading to accusations of being a traitor to the US.

In his interview, Carlson also commented on the January 6 incident, saying that it was overblown in some respects, and considers the response to it extremely corrupt. He concluded that this situation shows deeper issues within the FBI and its bias against Republicans.

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