Tuberville Slammed for Continued Military Blocks

( – Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville’s long hold on military promotions regarding the Pentagon’s policy on abortion is causing “national security risks,” warn three senior military officials in a Washington Post op-ed article published on Monday, September 4.

Tuberville, an Alabama senator, has used his power to delay these confirmations, leaving three military services without a Senate-confirmed leader for the first time in history. The reason for the holds is Tuberville being against the Pentagon’s policy of giving money to members of the military and their families for travel expenses related to abortion.

Carlos Del Toro, Christine Wormuth, and Frank Kendall, secretaries of the 3 branches, Army, Navy, and Air-force, wrote the op-ed article, which is an uncommon way to attempt public intervention in a dispute between Congress. It shows the frustration of the highest ranks of the US military over Tuberville’s six-month holds, which have blocked the confirmations of hundreds of top military nominees. The op-ed article concludes with an appeal to lift the holds and confirm senior military leaders.

Tuberville claims that the Pentagon is violating the law with its reproductive health policies, including providing a travel allowance for troops and their families who must travel to receive an abortion. Pentagon officials argue that their policies are lawful and based on a Justice Department memo.

The military leaders argue that Tuberville’s holds are eroding the foundation of America’s military advantage and causing financial stress for officers and their families. They state that military spouses are unable to build careers due to uncertainty about relocation, and children face instability in their education.

The holds began in March and have persisted despite mounting public pressure, including a petition delivered to Schumer, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Tuberville in July by active-duty military spouses deeply affected by the long holds.

Over 600 military personnel will be eligible for promotion by the end of the year, but if the hold is still taking place, they will not be able to get promoted.

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