Trump’s Phone Call Could Lead To His Doom

( – Trump’s enemies’ latest accusation is that Trump attempted to bribe Michigan canvassers by suggesting he would cover their legal fees if they chose to withhold certification of the 2020 election results.

The Detroit News obtained recordings of a phone call between the individuals, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Trump was also on the line. During the call, Trump attempted to convince Hartmann and Palmer to refuse to certify the results favoring Biden’s win.

Biden’s margin of victory in Michigan was 154,188 votes according to the latest data.

Trump is also alleged to have said that the canvassers would “look terrible” if they certified the results. Trump also indicated a desire to “fight for our country,” and McDaniel said that they would get attorneys for the pair to which Trump added, “We’ll take care of that.”

Democrats are claiming that Trump’s offer to arrange for the attorneys and potentially cover the cost was an attempt to bribe the officials. The claims are just the latest in Democrat deceptions, distortions, and equivocations attempting to paint Trump as a bad-actor engaged in criminal behavior when paying for attorneys is a common cost for campaigns, especially if there is a challenge to a result.

The establishment has been on a rampage attempting to bar Trump from the 2024 electoral contest. The Colorado Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that said Trump wasn’t allowed to be on the ballot in the state due to his participation in the “insurrection” on January 6th. The 4-3 ruling was stayed pending input from the Supreme Court of the United States, and the dissenting parties vociferously objected. Many legal observers anticipate the ruling will be thrown out.

Jack Smith was also dealt a blow in his attempt to get the SCOTUS to accelerate Trump’s trial schedule. An appeal to the SCOTUS was denied, as they require the normal legal process to go through appellate courts first which allows them to better perform their duties.

SCOTUS has also signaled a potential willingness to overturn the DOJ’s use of 1512(C)(2) or the obstruction of an official proceeding charge. They’ll hear the case of Joseph Fischer, a January 6th defendant challenging the use of the stature. Fischer’s team will argue that 1512(C)(2) was intended to punish the destruction of evidence during a congressional investigation, and was passed in the wake of the Enron scandal. The use of it to punish protesters is new. Independent legal observers believe SCOTUS will overturn the precedents set thus far because otherwise they wouldn’t have taken the case.

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