Trump Still Leads Biden In Latest Poll

( – In a recent poll covering seven crucial swing states likely to influence the outcome of the 2024 election, former President Trump holds a narrow lead over President Biden. This survey, conducted by Bloomberg/Morning Consult, encompassed voters in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, revealing Trump’s lead over Biden. This lead is attributed to negative feelings regarding Biden’s management of the economy.

Another aspect potentially affecting Biden’s standing is that 14 percent of 2020 Trump voters surveyed mentioned they would now support Trump, remain undecided, or abstain from voting. In contrast, 90 percent of Trump’s 2020 voters stated they would vote for him again, with only 9 percent indicating support for Biden, or not voting at all.

Trump’s campaign used these results to emphasize his strength in a general election, going against claims from some rivals asserting his inability to defeat Biden.

On the other hand, the Biden campaign responded more dismissively, saying that the results are still over a year out and don’t mean much currently. They used recent predictions of a recession as an example, which, according to them, contradicts the US economy as it stands. Biden’s campaign also referred to predictions made a year before the 2022 midterms that did not materialize.

Biden will be running for reelection Trump is currently the Republican Party’s frontrunner for the 2024 nomination, leading the primary field by a substantial margin in both state and national polls.

Despite the poll results, Biden has grappled with voter concerns about his age and economic policies. Conversely, Trump is facing multiple criminal cases this year, including a civil trial related to his business practices, and an impending court schedule.

He is currently indicted in New York over an alleged hush money scheme, in Washington, DC, and Georgia for his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, and in Florida for retaining classified documents after leaving the White House.

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