Trump Seeks to Disprove Claims

( – Donald Trump’s legal representatives have disclosed his intention to present evidence in a London court to challenge the claims of Russian support for his 2016 election campaign.

The former US President is challenging Orbis Business Intelligence, specifically Peter Steele. His lawsuit alleges data protection violations committed by the British private investigative firm based on a dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer and co-founder of Orbis.

This dossier which was released by news outlets had information regarding Trump’s campaign and Russia, along with accusations of Trump’s participation in “perverse acts”. Many of these assertions remain unsubstantiated. Trump has previously disapproved of the dossier, characterizing it as a “fake dossier.” In court documents revealed on Monday, his legal team described the report as “egregiously inaccurate.”

Trump strongly refutes the allegations found within the dossier, which his legal team has labeled as “the now infamous Steele dossier.” These allegations encompass claims of inappropriate conduct in Russia and assertions of bribery involving Russian officials to further his business interests. Trump is pursuing remuneration for the “personal and reputational harm and anguish” he believes was inflicted by these allegations that are harmful against him in his personal life.

Hugh Tomlinson, the attorney representing Trump, underscored in the High Court of London that “President Trump is bringing this case to seek redress for his legal rights.” His aim is to demonstrate that the “startling and scandalous claims” within the Steele dossier are groundless, and he is determined to achieve this by providing evidence in the courtroom.

In response, the legal team representing Orbis argues that Trump’s legal action should be dismissed. Antony White, who speaks on behalf of Orbis, contended in court documents that the dossier was never intended for public exposure. He further claimed that any injury to Trump’s reputation and ensuing distress resulted from the publication of the dossier, for which Trump acknowledges Orbis bears no liability.

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