Trump Scores Huge Win in Civil Suit

( – Former President Donald Trump will not have to face allegations of wrongful death and negligence in a $30 million civil suit filed against him and two January 6th defendants by the girlfriend of Officer Brian Sicknick, who died the following day. Sicknick’s death has been repeatedly exploited by Trump’s enemies who suggested for months that he was killed by violent rioters.

Eventually an autopsy report revealed that the official cause of death was two strokes and thus natural causes. Even after that was revealed, many claimed that the pepper spray he was exposed to (some argue the police sprayed the chemical) and stressful circumstances from that day were contributing factors in his death.

To be clear no officers died on January 6th, despite repeated deceptions insisting otherwise. The only people killed were Ashli Babbitt who was shot by Officer Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police, and Roseanne Boyland whose official cause of death was listed as “acute amphetamine intoxication.” The circumstances surrounding Boyland’s death are still a subject of debate and speculation.

On January 2nd, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta dismissed the claims of negligence and wrongful death, suggesting Sandra Garza (Sicknick’s girlfriend) lacked standing since they were not married or otherwise legally bound as family. Mehta is allowing the allegations of “conspiracy to violate civil rights” to continue.

Garza’s lawyer Mark Zaid said he was happy they were allowed to continue the suit, despite losing the major allegations. He said their next steps include potentially deposing Trump.

Garza is arguing that Trump’s “intentional words and actions” led directly to Sicknick’s death. That claim is contraindicated by the medical examiner’s findings and the circumstances of his death. Sicknick collapsed at his desk on January 6th, 2021 after returning from the Capitol and died the following day.

No charges were filed against anyone in relation to his death while Trump’s enemies continue to this day to blame him for everything that happened on January 6th. Trump denies any wrongdoing and insists all claims against him are fabricated to harm his political campaign.

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