Trump Says Navalny’s Death Made Him ‘More Aware Of What Is Happening’ In U.S.

( – In a recent post on his platform Truth Social, former President Donald Trump spoke about the sudden death of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. Trump described how his death made him more aware of what could happen to political opponents even in the US.

Trump directed his criticism towards the “radical left”. In his opinion, the left has the capability to do the same to their political opponents. This connection drew immediate criticism from both Republican and Democratic opponents, who accused Trump of avoiding any negative remarks about Putin.

Trump’s opponents have consistently accused him of being too friendly with Russia, a narrative that gained traction during his presidency and continues to be a big issue in the 2024 White House race. In response to his post, former Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger labeled Trump “human garbage.” Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized Trump’s approach to Putin, saying he lacks strength when it comes to the Russian president. President Joe Biden has also condemned Trump’s affinity for Russia, calling it un-American and dangerous.

Trump’s controversial history with Russia began way back during his first presidential run, with investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election. After a long investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended up not finding any solid connections between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Trump held a lot of friendly meetings with Putin during his presidency, with most instances being cordial without any negative comments regarding Putin’s direction of his country. In 2020, Trump refrained from condemning Putin or Russia following a poisoning attack on Navalny. His recent comments on NATO did not help his case either. He said he would not help defend any NATO member who hasn’t paid their fair share to the organization if Russian were to attack them.

The dynamics between Trump and his perceived relations with Russia will only give him more challenges as the elections draw closer.

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