Trump Says He Has ‘A Good Chance’ To Win New York

( – Former President Donald Trump has been making the best of his forced stay in New York City during his criminal trial over allegations he failed to properly account for payments to Stormy Daniels for a non-disclosure agreement in 2015 before his first presidential campaign. Trump has taken the opportunity to campaign around the city, and believes he has a good chance to win the state in November given the positive response he’s getting in public.

Trump was so encouraged he said that the campaign may even hold a rally at Madison Square Garden; the iconic New York venue holds around 20,000 people. Trump said that his plan was to “run very hard” in the Empire State, and suggested that he had a “good chance” of flipping the state red.

Trump added that his polling was up in every swing state and said that he was leading the country “by a lot.” He quipped that “normally” it would be an easy win for a Democrat to cinch the state, but due to Joe Biden’s paltry performance, Trump believes he has a better than average shot at winning the state for the GOP.

Trump said that he intended to hold a rally at MSG to honor the people who made the city work for its residents, highlighting teachers, police, and firefighters specifically.

Currently the thought remains just an idea, MSG confirmed to NBC News that there isn’t a Trump event scheduled as yet.

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg has slapped Trump with 34 counts for falsifying business records. The charge is rarely used alone and critics have contended that Bragg’s office did some legal wizardry where they turned misdemeanors into felonies by creatively charging Trump. The statute of limitations had expired for the misdemeanors, so Bragg had to allege campaign finance violations to make the charges stick.

Trump’s legal team is arguing that the Federal Elections Commission has jurisdiction over campaign law and they passed on the opportunity to pursue Trump in this matter. The last time a Republican won New York was in 1984 when Ronald Reagan all the states except Minnesota.

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