Trump Says Biden Must Take A Cognitive Test

( – Former President Trump has urged on his platform, Truth Social, that President Biden needs to get a cognitive evaluation. Trump has questioned Biden’s mental capacity and ability to lead the country multiple times in the past.

Trump revealed that he himself took multiple cognitive tests during his presidency and insisted that all presidential candidates and sitting presidents should take them. He asserted that mandatory cognitive tests would help make sure if a president can make sound decisions or not.

The White House has insisted multiple times in the past that Biden’s mental abilities are all there. However, according to recent polls, most voters are concerned about the President’s old age. This includes even Democrats. Recently, some Democrats and Republicans have been more vocal about Biden’s inability to speak, or his strange gestures.

In a doctor’s report after his recent physical exam in DC, both the doctor and Biden stated that he was healthy and that there were no concerns. The report further stated that Biden did not experience any major health changes in 2023. A recent neurological examination showed no evidence of stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or any other neurological issues. The White House said that physicians have decided against a cognitive test, implying that it is not needed.

While not outright citing Biden’s age as something that should disqualify him, Trump has long been insulting Biden over his cognitive issues. While the former President has boasted about his success in cognitive tests, describing the examinations as simple and easy, he himself has made some errors in the past. Notably, one time he confused the leaders of Hungary and Turkey.

While Biden claims he has no cognitive problems, there is proof on the internet of both him and Trump having some verbal slip-ups. Despite partisan sentiment, though, it is objectively clear that Biden has made many more worrying “gaffes” in public than Trump has. Trump’s call for mandatory cognitive tests adds another layer to the ongoing concerns surrounding the mental capacity and age of current US leaders.

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