Trump Rips Media for Exploiting ‘Bloodbath’ Comment

( – The mainstream press deceptively characterized statements by Donald Trump that he made over the weekend during a campaign stop in Ohio on March 16. Trump implied that due to Biden’s policies in the automotive industry, failure to secure the presidency would result “in a bloodbath” for the automotive industry.

Immediately following the event, NBC News ran a story with a headline that claimed Trump was implying there would be a literal bloodbath in the streets if he lost. CBS News also ran a very similarly titled story.

Both stories made it clear that writers understood the context was metaphorical and in reference to the impact on the automotive industry, but characterization of the content by pundits was misleading, implying Trump was threatening political violence.

Trump took the opportunity to correct the record on Monday, March 18. In a post on his social media website, Truth Social, Trump highlighted that the media also used the metaphor regularly and was well aware of the context of his commentary. He called them “Fake News” in his rebuttal, adding that the corporate press is “sooo bad!”

Trump made a prior post without the video wherein he highlighted that their shock at the use of the term bloodbath was purely for show. He added that “Crooked Joe Biden” has implemented a number of policies which have devastated automobile manufacturing in America. He explained that he was addressing a gathering of auto workers and that the electric car mandate was likely to cause a bloodbath in the industry. He added that the best way to avoid that outcome was to elect him as president in November.

The hoax was so obvious that former Vice President Mike Pence, who said he won’t be endorsing Trump this year, pointed out that the context was clearly related to the impact on the automotive industry in comments he gave to CBS’ “Face the Nation” on March 17.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went on CNN’s “State of the Union” to complain about the term without elaborating the full context, ignoring completely that he was talking about the impact of Democrat policies on the automotive industry and Americans who work for it.

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