Trump Rally Draws Up To 100K Supporters In Blue State

( – Former President Donald Trump threw a rally in New Jersey on May 11 which drew a crowd estimated to be around 100,000 people. The outpouring of support in the traditionally blue state has led people to suggest that popular support is leaning toward Trump.

The rally was hosted in Wildwood and a spokeswoman from the local government suggested that there were easily 100,000 people in attendance based on photographs of similar crowds at previous events. New Jersey Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew suggested that the event was the largest political rally ever in the history of the state.

Trump highlighted the size of the crowd when he took the stage, suggesting there were over 100,000 people in attendance. He told the press to get a shot of the crowd, suggesting that “they never do it.” Trump suggested it was possible that his campaign carried the state in November.

New Jersey hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988 with the election of George H.W. Bush. In recent cycles, the Democrat typically won with double-digit margins. Trump added that he anticipates winning New Jersey and many other so-called blue states due to people being fed up with the results of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Former NFL superstars Ottis Anderson and Lawrence Taylor appeared on stage alongside Trump, indicating their support. Taylor said he was born and raised a Democrat and that changed when he met Trump. He suggested his entire family was voting for him in November. Anderson pointed out that no one had left early, asking the crowd to cheer for Wildwood. A spontaneous chant of “USA! USA!” erupted as the men left the stage.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) also appeared on stage. Burgum is on the short-list for potential VP candidates, and Trump highlighted his technological prowess during his speech. While discussing Burgum, Trump suggested folks “get ready,” teasing the possibility of Burgum being selected as his running mate.

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