Trump Joins TikTok, Rapidly Accumulates Over Three Million Followers

( – In just over a day after joining TikTok, former President Donald Trump has acquired over three million followers on the platform. Trump famously tried to ban the app during his first term over national security concerns.

The app is notoriously popular with young people, and could help Trump spread his message to teenagers and young adults. The race between the men is neck and neck depending on which poll you look at, and incumbent Joe Biden is losing support in groups that previously most considered safely Democrat-leaning, like youth and black men.

Biden is also on the app, and his account has just over 340,000 followers.

Trump typically only posts to Truth Social, a platform that he owns and controls, where he has 7 million followers; on X, he has over 87 million. Trump is known as a prolific poster on social media, often making multiple posts per day, sometimes late at night.

Trump’s first upload has over 56 million views and showcases his entrance at a Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Newark, New Jersey from May.

When asked about it, Trump suggested he would make the most out of every opportunity to communicate directly with voters. Biden has signed a law requiring Chinese parent company ByteDance to divest or sell their control of the company to an American entity. ByteDance is legally challenging the requirement in court.

The law is being fast-tracked by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Oral arguments will begin in September.

Biden’s campaign previously defended its use of the app by suggesting they simply go wherever the voters happen to be. The app is already banned for use by government workers, but employees of Biden’s campaign are privately employed, so they can have the app on their phones.

Beijing, or rather ByteDance’s CEO, previously suggested that the company will win in court on First Amendment grounds.

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