Trump Is Leading In A State GOP Has Not Won in 36 Years

( – A new poll out of Maine is positing that Donald Trump has edged out Joe Biden in terms of favorability 41 to 40 percent. The infamously left-leaning state has gone to the Democrats in every presidential election going back to 1988.

The state is also known for being one of the few that offers voters ranked-choice voting, when that system was included in the polling methodology Biden beat Trump 52 to 49 percent. The sample size was also relatively small with researchers only tapping 609 people and their error rate was ~4%.

While the numbers are small it does demonstrate Trump’s gaining popularity against incumbent President Joe Biden as we approach November’s general election.

Researchers also asked about areas of primary concern. They found that the Maine residents they asked were mostly concerned about the economy and their personal financial situation. Many were concerned with the rising cost of living and inflation. Democrats were more concerned about guns and the environment whereas Republicans were most concerned about immigration and the southern border crisis.

Forty-two percent of all Maine voters said immigration was “very important” with 14% calling it “somewhat important.”

Maine residents also said they believed they suffered the impact of severe storms on the order of 70% and almost 80% believe climate change is related to the increased storm severity.

Democrats responding generally wanted stricter gun laws (69%) and Republicans preferred the status quo (54%).

Researchers with Critical Insights highlighted that the results suggest the race for president will be tight. With ranked choice voting, it seems like Biden is still ahead of Trump, but given the error rate on their polling anything is possible.

Nationwide Trump is ahead according to various polls. Researchers are also highlighting that immigration and economic concerns are high priority to voters across the country.

Trump and Biden will face off during the first presidential debate by the end of June and the Republican National Convention follows on July 15. The Democratic National Convention is on August 19. There will be a second and final debate on September 10 and the general election is on November 5.

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