Trump Hammers Biden For ‘Apologizing’

( – Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden for apologizing to the media after Biden used the term “illegal” to refer to the suspect in the murder of Laken Riley. Twenty-two year old Riley was a nursing student who was allegedly killed by Jose Ibarra in February; Ibarra is an illegal alien who holds citizenship in Venezuela and has also been alleged to be affiliated with criminal gangs.

Trump gave comments regarding Biden’s apology to an audience of thousands at a rally in Georgia on Saturday, March 9. He said that he was told moments before taking the podium that Biden apologized for referring to the suspect as “an illegal.”

Biden also butchered Laken Riley’s name, referring to her as “Lincoln Riley,” in his remarks to the nation. Biden’s slip-up betrayed the fact her name is not something he’s heard frequently or spoken aloud often. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-SC) gave Biden a pin with Laken Riley’s name on it as he was greeting members on the floor of Congress and heckled him during the speech.

The White House was adamant that Biden “did not apologize” despite the fact that he said he had “regret” for referring to Ibarra as an illegal and claiming he should have used the term “undocumented.” White House spokeswoman Olivia Dalton wanted to be “really clear” that Biden expressed “regret” and did not “apologize.”

The radical left has an entire host of terms they use to describe criminal entrants and illegal border crossers, or more traditionally: illegal aliens. As is often the case, leftists use euphemistic language to color and conceal the nature of the subject under discussion. Their preferred terms for illegal aliens include “undocumented individual,” “migrant,” while “newcomer” and “neighbor” are some of the newer terms.

Democrats don’t like you to get caught up on that little detail that these “newcomers” violated federal law by entering the country illegally.

Trump explained Biden’s apology and the use of euphemistic language to masses of his supporters who booed loudly in response. When Trump said that the individual was an illegal alien who never should have been here and wouldn’t have been under a Trump administration, the crowd responded with cheers and applause.

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