Trump Gets Boost From Independents

( – A new Quinnipiac University survey polled over 1,200 potential Georgia voters to get a read on how the swing state’s populace is feeling about Donald Trump’s conviction. More independent respondents suggested the conviction in the New York trial regarding payments made for a non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels would make them more likely to vote for Trump.

Twenty-one percent of independent voters said the conviction made it more likely that they’ll vote for Trump in November’s general election. Eighteen percent said they’d be less likely to vote for him and the majority, 61%, said the outcome made no difference.

Georgia’s swing state status is well established, with President Joe Biden winning in 2020 by just 11,740 votes. Biden and Trump’s campaigns are spending a lot of time and money in Georgia to rally their bases as well as secure as many independent voters as possible.

Previously polling suggested that a conviction would harm Trump’s electoral chances, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Trump’s poll numbers have surged in the wake of his conviction, as well as his fundraising. Immediately following the conviction, Trump’s campaign announced $53 million in fundraising within 24 hours. In the intervening week, the campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. They announced that in May alone, the campaign raised $141 million.

Trump’s other indictments are all on hold until after the election due to various legal appeals and Constitutional challenges before the Supreme Court.

When considering all voters, 22% said the guilty verdict negatively impacted their view of Trump while 23% said they were more likely to vote for him. Fifty-four percent said that the verdict didn’t change their potential vote.

When asked about the verdict itself, 52% of independents thought it was appropriate, 42% disagreed. Fifty-percent of Georgia voters agreed with the outcome while 44% disagreed.

The poll showed Trump defeating Biden in a theoretical matchup, 49 to 44 percent. Trump’s lead widened to 43 vs 37 percent when the pollsters added the independent candidates. Crucially Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got 8% of the vote.

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