Trump Expected to Dominate in Nevada’s Caucus Feb. 8

( – Nevada Republicans have arranged their primary voting in such a way that frontrunner Donald Trump is very likely to receive all the state’s delegates toward achieving the GOP nomination. Nevada will hold two contests, a primary and a caucus, and for reasons that will shortly become clear, Trump supporters arranged the caucuses to be the only contest that counts.

The changes were made last year which set up the caucus system. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley’s campaigns both complained that the changes weren’t fair. Haley isn’t campaigning in Nevada at all and DeSantis has dropped out and endorsed Trump.

Haley’s in South Carolina campaigning for a February 24th primary in her home state. She’s hoping to close the nearly 30-point gap between herself and Trump so she can prove she can remain a serious contender for the GOP nomination.

Haley complained that the caucuses were “sealed up, bought and paid for” and blamed the “Trump train” for rolling that out.

Haley didn’t mention that in 2021 Nevada passed a law that required a state preference primary that included results from mail-in ballots that were mailed to every resident of the state who didn’t opt-out.

Nevada Republicans, being notoriously suspicious of mail-in ballots after the 2020 election, decided to hold the Republican contest as a distinct and separate caucus complete with confirming participants have a valid ID. The caucuses will occur on February 8th, two days following the state’s primary.

Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald told reporters with the Associated Press that the Democrat-controlled state legislature refused to codify election integrity and voter ID measures requested by Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo. He also pointed out that this isn’t the first time Nevada Republicans held a primary caucus.

Nevada GOP officials then gave candidates a choice, they could participate in one but not both contests. While Trump will not be on the ballot for the primary, only himself and Ryan Binkley are competing in the caucuses. Binkley got 0.1% of the vote in New Hampshire and 0.7% in Iowa. Binkley is running as a conservative Catholic candidate.

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