Trump Endorses Sam Brown in Nevada Senate Race

( – Former President Donald Trump recently endorsed Sam Brown for Senate ahead of the Nevada GOP primary this week.

Trump praised Brown on his social media platform Truth Social, calling him a patriot and a true American. He commended Brown for making a full recovery after being hurt in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, where Brown served as a captain in the army.

Brown is relatively new to politics. He first entered the political sphere after losing a race for the state government in Texas in 2014. He made a significant impact during his 2022 Senate bid in Nevada, with his Senate campaign under the slogan “duty first”. He finished second in the GOP primary. He has lived in Nevada since 2018.

In the GOP primary, Brown faces up against former state Assemblyman Jim Marchant, a supporter of Trump’s election fraud allegations, and Dr. Jeffrey Gunter, the former US ambassador to Iceland.

Brown supported Trump during the 2016 elections, but since then he has not given the former president any formal support. There was initially some confusion regarding Trump’s endorsement in the race, as some of Trump’s supporters hoped he would support Gunter instead. However, according to Trump’s recent social media, the former president swore to fully support Brown.

In April, Matt Gaetz, a Florida state rep, hosted a rally in Nevada for Gunter. This showed the party’s opinion might be split on the Brown vs Gunter election. Despite this, Brown has been the top fundraiser among GOP primary candidates, raising significantly more than Gunter as of last month.

The competition between Brown and Gunter shows that the GOP can still be at odds with each other over who might be the better fit. A lot of the internal strife can be seen within the party as those who are pro-Trump and those who are against him and his choices often clash.

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