Trump Didn’t Back Gaetz’s Efforts

( – After the historic removal of Republican Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, there’s growing curiosity about whether former President Donald Trump endorsed this move. The ousting of McCarthy was led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, with eight Republicans and all 208 Democrats supporting his removal.

Gaetz hinted at Trump’s support in his post-vote remarks, saying he spoke to Trump regarding the choice. However, Gaetz did not provide details about these conversations.

On Wednesday, October 4, Trump refuted Gaetz’s assertion, and when asked if he had encouraged Gaetz to remove McCarthy, he said he did not. Trump’s stance was clear even before the vote, as he hadn’t publicly expressed support for Gaetz’s actions.

Trump’s sole pre-vote comment came on his social media platform, Truth Social, where he lamented GOP infighting and questioned why Republicans were not focusing on combating Democrats who he called the “radical left”.

When Gaetz publicly claimed Trump’s support, several Trump advisers and supporters declined to endorse his statement, redirecting attention to Trump’s Truth Social post.

During this time, Trump had his own legal concerns, spending most of the day in court for the ongoing trial in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million civil fraud case against him. He avoided commenting on the issue outside the courthouse.

Trump’s relatively low profile in the McCarthy saga contrasted with his earlier involvement in the election this year, when he endorsed McCarthy for Speaker.

According to a source familiar with the conversations, despite his social media post calling on Republicans to shut down the government, Trump privately advised some conservative members that they should do whatever it takes in the recent government funding dispute.

However, several sources familiar with the matter stated that some conservative members who had received guidance from Trump during the funding fight did not hear from him regarding the effort to remove McCarthy.

McCarthy announced on Tuesday, October 3, that he would not try for reelection as Speaker.

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