Trump Declares War on Jimmy Kimmel

( – Jimmy Kimmel has drawn the rage of Donald Trump, who is now demanding an apology from the late-night host for a recent comment made on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Trump has been a frequent target of Kimmel’s jabs, with the comedian taking shots at the former president’s family, drawing parallels to Hitler, and dissecting and making fun of his demeanor during his appearances in court.

The latest episode of Kimmel’s show featured a revelation that Trump has sent him a letter from his Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the company/entity overseeing Trump’s Truth Social. The letter requested Kimmel to retract a statement about the platform’s financial performance made during a previous episode.

On air, Kimmel had said that Truth Social incurred over $70 million in losses since its launch. However, after verifying TMTG’s SEC filing, it was discovered that the actual loss was “only” $31 million. Trump’s media group demanded a complete retraction of the segment and a mutually agreeable apology from ABC, threatening legal action if not complied with. The letter also accused the show of knowingly or recklessly misrepresenting information about Truth Social’s financial status on live TV.

In response, Kimmel addressed the situation on his Thursday night show on November 16, highlighting the letter’s demand and the looming threat of legal action. He acknowledged the mistake in the reported financial loss, emphasizing the team’s commitment to presenting accurate information.

Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, dismissed Kimmel’s relevance, questioning who still watches his show and referencing a past controversy involving blackface. Kimmel, on the other hand, reflected on the irony of the situation, given Trump’s ongoing legal challenges, including a bank fraud trial in New York for over $250 million and facing over 90 criminal charges across different cases.

During his show, Kimmel also expressed a sense of being under the scrutiny of a “crazy ex-president” who he says remains preoccupied with self-obsession and public perception.

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