Trump Confuses World Leaders During Campaign Speech

( – Former President Trump accidentally mixed up the leaders of Hungary and Turkey during a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Monday, October 23.

Trump stated that Viktor Orban is one of the strongest leaders in the entire world when he referred to Turkey’s robust military numbers. But Trump did not realize that he mixed up Orban, who is the prime minister of Hungary, with Erdogan, who is the President of Turkey.

During his speech, Trump incorrectly claimed that Orban shares a border with Russia. In reality, Turkey and Hungary do not share a border with Russia.

Trump’s consistent praise for Orban, who has gained popularity in American conservative circles, has faced strong criticism in recent years.

Orban has been reluctant to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia and has maintained friendly relations with Russia. He also stirred controversy with a speech last year in which he criticized “mixed race” nations. The authoritarian Hungarian leader has actively promoted conservative social issues important to some Republicans, including campaigns against “woke” and LGBTQ causes.

Orban was a headline speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last year in the US, and he hosted his own CPAC event in Budapest in May. Earlier this year, when Trump faced federal charges for the first time, Orban told him to “keep fighting”.

Trump is definitely favored by most European right-wing leaders. During Trump’s presidency, he maintained and increased friendly relations with multiple “far right” European countries such as Hungary and Poland. The conservative governments of these countries also came out in support of Trump during his many indictment hearings and other accusations.

As the 2024 elections draw closer, not only is Trump still receiving support from over the pond, but it seems he is leading the polls against Biden. Slip-ups like this are not much of a detriment as the polls still show him in the lead, although that may change as there is still over a year to go.

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