Trump Chips Big Chunks off Biden’s Voter Base

( – Biden’s divisive State of the Union address may have done more damage to his reelection campaign than good, according to author and political analyst Dick Morris. Morris wrote “Corrupt: The Inside Story of Biden’s Dark Money” and gave comments during an appearance on Newsmax on Saturday, March 9.

Morris suggested Biden will have to update his vocabulary after referring to Trump repeatedly as his “predecessor;” Morris highlighted that Biden used the term a dozen times during the speech, refusing to say Trump’s name. He additionally suggested Biden will have to call Trump his successor if he continues on the current trajectory of alienating the Democratic base.

Morris called the speech “terrible,” saying that the “tone was awful.” He added that the State of the Union is a time to offer leadership to the country instead of dividing it by spewing vitriol. Morris suggested that Biden’s desperation is becoming obvious as his campaign has been floundering in popularity among multiple groups of traditionally Democratic voters.

Morris explained that when one candidate typically begins to gain a lead in the polls on another, it’s due to the undecided voters coalescing behind that candidate. That’s not what is happening here, he said. Morris claimed that Biden lost “over a third” of black Americans to Trump or third party candidates. Biden had support from 87 percent of black voters in 2020, for comparison.

Morris elaborated that black voters traditionally vote Democrat. He also highlighted data that showed Biden is dramatically unpopular with Gen Z voters, with Trump leading by “up to 20 points.” Morris said Biden is also losing the Latino vote 48-41 percent.

The speech won’t help improve his polling, according to Morris, due to it being targeted at his hardcore supporters. He suggested that the speech did nothing to improve Biden’s appeal with the voting blocs he’s losing.

Morris concluded that Biden’s campaign strategy of presenting himself as the not-Trump option isn’t going to work this time around since Biden is the one in office. He suggested voters can see for themselves that the state of the proverbial union was much better under Donald Trump.

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