Trump Attorney Blasts DA Bragg for Misconduct

​( – Former President Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, has accused Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of “misconduct” in handling the cases of Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg. In a letter sent to Bragg, Blanche

said that there was continuing corruption in connection with the Trump hush money issue, highlighting obvious differences between Cohen’s and Weisselberg’s treatment.

Blanche argued that Bragg’s office overlooked Cohen’s self-admitted and constant perjury in the hush money case, where Cohen paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump. Trump denies any such affair. The current case against Trump involves allegations of falsifying business records related to reimbursements made to Cohen in 2016.

Blanche’s letter highlighted the disparity in the treatment of Weisselberg and Cohen. It contended that the plea negotiations on Monday, March 4, which led to Weisselberg pleading guilty to perjury charges, were oppressive and vindictive. Blanche accused the district attorney of deploying tactics that were unethical against Weisselberg, contrasting it with the easier stance towards Cohen. Weisselberg was supposedly presented with an “impossible choice” between a guilty plea and a shorter prison term or arrest and incarceration.

He believes Bragg ignored apparent criminal misconduct committed by Cohen, while focusing solely on Weisselberg. Blanche also criticized Bragg for allowing guilty individuals, including those involved in attacks on law enforcement, to go free while pursuing Trump-related cases.

Blanche urged Bragg to reconsider his positions, characterizing the handling of the cases as not only biased, but extremely obvious misconduct.

Trump’s legal team has sought to use Cohen’s recent perjury allegations in a civil fraud trial to prevent him from testifying in the upcoming hush money trial. They argue that Cohen’s testimony should be precluded to protect the court’s integrity and the justice process. If Cohen does not testify, a huge weight would be removed from Trump’s shoulders as the elections draw closer.

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