Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene Are on a Collision Course

( – Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s criticism of Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has recently raised eyebrows, especially given her alignment with former President Donald Trump. Greene’s attacks on Johnson have been ruthless and frequent. However, experts suggest that Trump’s support for the Speaker might make Greene yet reconsider her stance.

Greene, a Georgia Republican known for her constant backing of Trump, has targeted Johnson over various issues. These include his supposed mishandling of a $1 trillion spending bill and frequent changes in his stance regarding pivotal issues. Greene even introduced a motion for Johnson’s position to be vacated.

However, experts speculate that if Trump and Johnson remain on good terms, Greene may have to backtrack on her threats. Trump has already come out in support of Johnson against her comments. If she were to keep up the criticism, it would put her in a position where she would be essentially attacking an ally.

Mark Shanahan, a professor of politics at the University of Surrey, believes Greene will likely take it easy and take back her comments. He emphasized her tendency to act based on Trump’s guidance and implied she would most probably not risk going against him.

Representatives Dan Crenshaw and Bob Good have publicly criticized Greene’s actions. This suggests that her efforts to oust Johnson may lack widespread support within the Republican Party. Crenshaw stated that Greene’s actions are potentially only seeking attention rather than genuine change. Bob Good completely dismissed her influence and likewise labeled her as an attention seeker.

Heath Brown, a public policy professor at City University of New York, sees Greene’s impact on Johnson as minimal, given the small number of Republicans that are present in the House.

The clash between Greene and Johnson ultimately shows the bigger divisions within the Republican Party, which carries implications for the upcoming November elections.

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